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Happy easter!! by Beaubema Happy easter!! :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 0 0 Bday bracelet by Beaubema Bday bracelet :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 0 0 pumpkin 2016! by Beaubema pumpkin 2016! :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 0 0 Explosion by Beaubema Explosion :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 2 OC #1 by Beaubema OC #1 :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 0 3 DA 16th birthday by Beaubema DA 16th birthday :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 2 fruit quote by Beaubema fruit quote :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 3
The revealing window (1)
Part 1 (7/16/16 ECP ©)
I peered through the window, squinting, hoping that it would make the curtains more translucent. It wasn’t working so I tiptoed closer to the glass. Inside I could see a spirit of a brother I once could touch drifting by, but it drifted by too fast. Why couldn’t he stick around just a split second more… Still, that brief moment struck me deeply. I felt alive, like in the past, when everything was perfect. But the past is the past, I’d lost all I care about before I could truly appreciate it.
I was glad he appeared to me tonight. I hadn’t been able to see him in a while and seeing him reminded me of how the world is kind and cruel, how there is love and hate, and all has a balance until one goes too far and it tips, ruining, crushing, separating the people who surround it.
I backed away from the pane because the fog of my breath was blocking my view, my racing heart must have gotten carried away again. There is no point in tiptoe
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 4
The pain of the past
The pain of the past (POEM BY BEAUBEMA 2016-01-08)
People think of me,
People dream of me,
even when it kills them to,
I constantly replay memories making them blue.
What could have been,
What should have happened,
It's only being imagined,
With me you don't feel in your skin.
You're stuck in a very deep state.
Of regret, of anger, of sadness,
You don't have the strength to communicate,
no time, no light, just emptiness.
You live life in your brain,
I bring you a psychologist,
To try and try to forgive
The pain of the past.  
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 0 2
Unanswered questions
Unanswered questions 2015-11-25(By: Beaubema)
At night before bed,
I can’t stop my head,
The same questions stick like glue.
Will I ever have someone to go to?
Where do I belong?
Where did I go wrong?
What is my reason?
What is God’s vision?
Please clear my confusion!
So, with the time so late,
I’m full of hate,
Mostly towards my brain and heart,
Even if I couldn’t live if we were apart.
I start to cry, as I only do at night,
I no longer want to dwell on fright,
But life is not always a fruitful cake,
It needs varied ingredients and time to bake.
I wake up feeling exhausted,
And at school I’m distracted,
All the days seem the same,
It’s a shame there is no one to blame.
I can’t pick one view of the cup,
And my head can no longer look up,
But when my few friends pass by,
I still manage to smile and say “Hi.”
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 2 6
Mingle for love
(2015-11-11 By: BEAUBEMA ECP)
Caramel tartes are sinful like thy love,
but is it worth it anon? Nay or ay?
Mark, no need to go apace, they are doves,
thou might affright the women, but still try.
Commend them with thy charm, forget the butt-shaft,
thou so gapes for an ope paramour,
apparel with style, sese to graft,
I pray thee to look wealthy like velour.
Ho, consiter bringing some brave bubbles,
all seem civil and the house, amazing,
wherefore art those gents already in couples?
thou must leave for there will be no chasing.
In thy closet, thou sounds arrant defeat,
no combine to seek, thy center is beat...
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 2
Taking risks for you Part 5 !!
(2015-11-11 BY: BEAUBEMA ECP) Part 5!!!
“Honey, let me explain.” He caught his breath, “this is Keido, a nice young man who just moved here. I needed you to meet him, but knowing how stuborn you are I had to be creative, so I let Keido ‘steal’ my belongings and take me to this splendid island. I knew you would come looking for me beacuse you care about me and Juno was in on my plan too, he insured that you would find the bottle. Anabel, I want you to marry Keido one day.”
The silence was so intese and they were both smiling. I broke it moments later “ ...I can’t believe you did this to me! Why?!”
“ Anabel, I promised your mother I’d find you the perfect man, it was her dying wish.” He whispered. I turned around to have more privacy, while I took everything into consideration. He is an attractive boy, and everyone seems to think he is nice. I made up my mind, turned around and looked at my dad straight in the eyes.&
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 4
October bouquets by Beaubema October bouquets :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 1
Taking risks for you part 4
(2015-11-02 BY: BEAUBEMA) Part 4
I check over my shoulder at Juno, he seems seasick. With a quick jerk the motor is turned off. I nearly fell out. “Go on without me. I’ll make a fire, so we can stay the night.” He said weakly. I had no idea of what waited ahead, but went on hesitantly. Juno was watching me. “Go on don’t be a chiken” he exclaimed, “Says the guy staying behind” I articulated. As I walked in the dark forest, unknown noises kept poping up. I felt like a mouse in a alley of cats. And, in what seemed like forever, a promising sign of light showed up around five yards away. I ran like I never ran before. “Hallelulia! I found a shack, I actually found a shack!” I approached it with caution and entered thru the back door. My dad was just sitting there drinking wine with a mysterious man… I was so flabergasted. The man was tanned and looked nervous. I spoke without thinking. “what in the name of heaven is ha
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 2 4
sugar skull by Beaubema sugar skull :iconbeaubema:Beaubema 3 11
Taking risks for you Part 3
(2015-10-27 By: BEAUBEMA) Part 3
I swam as fast as I could with the message in my mouth, to show this to Juno. He couldn’t believe his eyes “ We should go help Dad! It sounds like he is in deep trouble!” Juno exclaimed. There was only one problem, we didn’t know where Kawaii Island was. We sat looking at the sea, the situation was hopeless. Until I used common logic. “Well, if I found the note going down stream, then he must be up stream.” Now we had a plan. We quickly grabbed the spare boat and some essential gear like: Drinkable water, a first aid kit, a compass, life jackets and Juno is bringing a knife.
We were on our way full of adrenaline ready for adventure. Thirty minutes past, and there was no sign of land on the horizon. Juno kept checking the compass, that’s not a good sign. I estimated “We are lost aren’t we?” He replied ackwardly “ya, we are…” I didn’t say anything else, I didn’t want
:iconbeaubema:Beaubema 1 7

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some i really like some not so much

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Really beautiful pieces i randomly found, if someone buys me one I'll be forever grateful <3





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call me: bea, zena
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chameleon (painting, IN MY DRAWER didn't turn the way I wanted too)
braking all limitations (story, SOME DISCOURAGED ME SO I GAVE UP)
almost half way done a sea turtle paint/drawing (YA I LOST THE BOOK)
golden butterfly (idk)
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OK now let's do this,
I was lucky enough to get in and hopefully it helps out a bit, but it's time to return the favor...
I got my feature from he says art (any kind) promoting is important and I think so too.

"First 10 people to comment on this will get at least 3 deviations featured and some writing with it.
But you have to do this too!
I also have to be in the first slot. Cuz it's not a "feature for feature" if I'm not! "
  My Stance on Gender Roles
Well, hey there fellas…er…everyone.
I’m usually that artist on this community who just goes with the flow and works his ass off.
However, I’ve felt inclined to deliver my personal feelings and thoughts about a touchy topic that has continued to make itself apparent to me over the course of my 21 years on Earth as a member of the human species.
That topic is gender roles. What it means to be a man or woman. In my case, being born a male, a man. As a child, I was brought up in a society that STILL deemed it unacceptable and even sacrilegious for a boy/man to do anything defined as feminine. The same logic applies to the opposite sex, just switch “feminine” with “masculine”. I’ve noticed, however, that girls are not as chastised to do more masculine tasks than men doing more feminine tasks. Why is this??? Why such a harsher blasphemy against us dudes?
I don’t know. It is for certain that media, arts, and the news has shaped and f
    Album Artwork 37: What Horrible Creature Is This!? by Gamzguy17    New Vocal Covers (Jan.29th/2017)
Maybe I'm Amazed by: Paul McCartney (Genre: Rock, Year: 1970)
Closer by: Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (Genre: Pop, Year: 2016)
Heathens by: Twenty One Pilots (Genre: Alternative, Year: 2016)
American Girl by: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Genre: Rock, Year: 1976)
Seek & Destroy by: Metallica (Genre: Metal, Year: 1983)
I'll Stick Around by: Foo Fighters (Genre: Alternative, Year: 1995)
Closing Time
He is definitely a person to chat with, because he has many opinions to share thru his varied art. I adore these striking pieces and he demonstrates well the person that he is with these, in my opinion. (I couldn't pick only one song)
Don't be shy anyone can participate, just comment!
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I got tagged by Dunn Dunn DUnnnn................................................................
no one really Clap 

Name: X Wink/Razz 
Star sign:
Average hours of sleep:
Lucky number:
7 (cuz 7 ate 9)
Last thing googled:
Instagram and webtoon
Favourite fictional characters:
Legolas (Hotie #1), Yukine from noragami(HOTIE #2), Howl (HOTIE #3)from howl's moving castle, Mononoke (GIRL)from Mononoke hime. Nosikaa (GIRL) from valey of the wind, Gray from fairy tail (HOTIE #4)
Current attire: 
wine colored skinny pants, black tank top with mustard yellow sweater. jewelry black chocker with wine colored charm, hand made Indian beadwork, brown red that I made myself (quite proud) Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] 

When did you start this account: 
sec. April 7th 2015 so only one year :officechair: 
Number of watchers: 37 !!!thank you so much for doing so!!!! Thanks For The Llama Emote 
What do you post?:
Art, poems, stories and crafts

Other blogs: nope unless you count insta
Do you get a lot of comments?: NO Waaaah!  barely any (some from )

Why did you choose this username: Bc it's the same one on most websites. and I've had this one since I was little


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